Emission Treatment

Emission Treatment

Commitment to Emission Reduction

Legislation on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is becoming increasingly stringent, especially with the implementation of the European ETS rules. The good news is that there are numerous sustainable and effective ways to reduce VOC emissions. Mourik is at the forefront of this, continually innovating and investing in new technologies to assist clients in reducing emissions.

A Wealth of Innovations

Mourik has a rich history of pioneering cleaner degassing methods, reducing CO2 emissions and purifying industrial air and water streams. Our solutions include gas scrubbers and activated carbon filters. We also employ circular use of nitrogen in tank cleaning. We're constantly refining these techniques, such as developing new cleaning agents for our scrubbers.

Our innovation doesn't stop there; we're the sole provider in the Benelux and Germany of NanoVapor technology, which safely degasses pipelines and tanks, cutting emissions by 50%. Another innovation is the DecarbonX method from our technology partner Angara for in-situ removal of fouling in heat exchangers, enhancing their performance with lower energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. Our list of innovations is ever-expanding.

We provide a broad spectrum of emission control techniques, complemented by a range of related specialties such as cleaning and mechanical work. The synergy of these specialties is what defines quality, and Mourik offers this comprehensive service through a single point of contact. Additionally, we have extensive knowledge to guide our clients forward. We play an active role in the European Vapour Recovery Association (EVRA) and contribute to new legislation discussions in the Dutch Association of Provincial Authorities (IPO). We're also developing an AI application to identify the most effective degassing method for each unique situation.