Barges & Diesel Engines

Barges & Diesel Engines

Reducing Emissions from Inland Vessels and Construction Machinery

Many diesel engines, such as those used in inland shipping and construction machinery, struggle to meet the increasingly stringent emission regulations. Inland vessels, for example, are bound by the EU Stage V emission standards, which regulate nitrogen oxide (NOx), soot and particulate matter emissions. Alternatives such as electric motors are not always viable or cost-effective. However, Mourik EGP specialists offer a solution that can bring emissions from existing diesel engines down to the current Stage V standards, or even better: 95% reduction in NOx and 98% reduction in particulate matter emissions.

Proven Emission Reduction

Our emission control system is compatible with all diesel engines that run on EN590 fuel. This includes engines in inland vessels and marine engines subject to EU Stage V standards, as well as industrial engines (TIER4F) and construction equipment such as generators, mobile cranes, gensets, excavators, asphalt pavers and pile drivers (EU Stage V emission standard for Non-Road Mobile Machinery, NRMM). Our system ensures compliance with EU emission standards and meets the requirements and EMVI criteria in tenders. We can equip these systems with advanced measurement tools to validate the emission reduction results.

Our emission control system is not only highly effective but also cost-efficient. For instance, under optimal conditions, the filters never require replacement. We handle all engineering, construction, installation and maintenance in-house. Additionally, we are developing zero-emission solutions under the E-line brand, which includes generating green electricity through a fuel cell that utilises methanol and hydrogen. This electricity can be used to power marine engines and construction equipment, reducing diesel emissions today while paving the way for cleaner alternatives tomorrow.