Floor Coating

Floor Coating

Enhancing and Protecting Concrete Floors

Concrete in its raw and untreated form isn't suitable for every application. It is, for instance, not resistant to chemical impacts, and concrete floors are prone to cracking and damage from chemicals or environmental factors. This not only affects the aesthetics, but also causes inconvenience for users, disrupts production processes and can lead to non-compliance with legislative standards. Vogel, a concrete specialist within Mourik, addresses these issues with innovative floor coatings for concrete surfaces.

Comprehensive Solutions for Concrete Floors

Vogel provides a comprehensive range of services for the repair and coating of concrete floors. This includes initial repair work such as fixing cracks, grouting and correcting slopes. Following these preparatory steps, we apply finishing floors, such as epoxy, polyurethane, PMMA (Ucrete), trowel and cast floors. Our expertise also extends to applying chemical-resistant systems.

Vogel possesses the necessary expertise for both repairing and protecting concrete floors. We are also equipped to restore liquid-tight floors to certified standards. All procedures are carried out by our skilled and certified floor repair technicians. For more information about our floor coating services, visit Vogel's website.