In the world of water management and ports, many challenges are central. The AMORAS project, a collaboration between Port of Antwerp-Bruges and the Flemish government, is a good example. This project aims to tackle sludge problems in the port. Our Industrial Cleaning discipline had a clear goal here: efficiently releasing sludge from one of the water reservoirs.

The project

AMORAS, wat staat voor Antwerpse Mechanische Ontwatering, Recyclage en Applicatie van Slib, is een samenwerkingsverband tussen de Vlaamse overheid en het Havenbedrijf Antwerpen. Het heeft als doel een duurzame en langdurige oplossing te bieden voor de berging en verwerking van onderhoudsbaggerspecie. De installatie bevindt zich binnen het havengebied op de rechter Scheldeoever, tussen het Kanaaldok B1 en de snelweg A12.

Our contribution

Water from the Scheldt passes through several treatment stages. In one of these phases, the water is led directly into a reservoir. This is where the problem arises: when the water is pumped out, sludge is left behind. When we were asked to draw up a plan to remove the sludge, we immediately set to work. With a well-thought-out plan and a motivated team, we started. We used several high-pressure units to loosen the silt. By adding extra water, the loosened sludge was directed to a dredge pump, which then pumped it to another storage for further processing.

In short, our part in the AMORAS project shows that with determination and the right approach, challenges can be overcome. We are proud of our contribution and look forward to using our experience in future projects.


Daniel Vijdt

Daniel Vijdt

Manager Industrial Services
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