E.ON Power Plants Belgium voor Promat Int. NV





Promat develops and produces fire-resistant materials and high-temperature insulation plates. The electricity required for these production units was initially imported from the distribution grid. The necessary heat was generated in a gas-fired boiler. In order to make the switch to sustainable production, a thermal power station was designed and built in collaboration with E.ON.


A thermal power station generates electricity and useful heat at the same time. The residual heat from the electricity production is also used to produce heat, in this case steam, for production processes.The installation produces the equivalent of 9,000 households' worth of electricity and the equivalent of 3,500 households' worth of heat.


For this sustainable project, Mourik n.v. was commissioned to carry out the civil engineering works, consisting of earthworks, pile foundations, concrete, earthing and sewerage works and the implementation of a piperack.

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