Gate Terminal LNG

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Project information

Client: TS LNG B.V.
Location: Maasvlakte Rotterdam
Activity: Infrastructure
Period: mei 2009 / juli 2011

The project involved constructing the underground and aboveground infrastructure in an international environment at an industrial plant for the storage and transhipment of LNG (liquid gas). The project took place at a multifaceted, busy working location together with international operating companies in and around the installations. All the work was done in a very restricted working space within a short time and in accordance with high quality and safety standards.

 The work included:

  • Excavating around 85,000m3 of soil for concrete foundations, concrete floors and roads
  • Constructing foundations of mixed granulated materials for around 80,000m2 of concrete floors and roads
  • Profiling and compacting around 160,000m2 of sand layers
  • Supplying and processing around 48,000m2 of geotextiles
  • Supplying and processing around 32,000m3 of natural stone mixture
  • Lowering around 10,000m2 of sand surface using suction technology between the pipes
  • Spreading natural stone mixture on an area of around 10,000m2 between the pipes using blower technology
  • Supplying and spreading around 39,000m2 of triple-layer asphalt paving
  • Supplying and laying around 51 kilometres of PVC pipes for a sewage system and for cables
  • Supplying and positioning around 135 prefab concrete cable tension drains to a volume of around 45m3 per drain
  • In-situ construction of around 4 kilometres of concrete cable ducts in various dimensions with 2 to 36 cable traction pipes for each cable duct
  • Realising temporary measures for dry excavations for the construction of concrete structures to a level of around -4 metres under sea level
  • Dry-pumping and inspecting a GRE hot-water pipe with a diameter of around 1.80 metres and a length of around 1300 metres as part of a four-day 24-hour job.

 Other activities:

  • Day-to-day management of the work
  • Risk management
  • Financial management
  • Time management
  • Interface management
  • Environmental management
  • Safety management:
  • Preparing, applying for, implementing and managing permits
  • Processing changes
  • Managing the document management system.

Project sheet

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