Shell Moerdijk maintenance shutdown

Part of: Shell Moerdijk maintenance shutdown

Project information

Client: Shell Moerdijk
Location: Moerdijk
Activities: Industrial Services, Catalyst Handling
Company: Mourik Industry
Period: 3-9-2020 / 19-9-2020

The maintenance shutdown project at Shell Moerdijk was completed between 3 - 19 September by a multi-disciplinary team from Mourik Industry.

This shutdown had a tight schedule which meant our colleagues had to work round the clock. This short time frame was the main challenge as we also had to implement extra corona measures and therefore, extra personnel. 


A good-sized crew was used for this shutdown, and this ensured that were able to complete all the work activities over the weekend of 19 September. For the cleaning activities, we used eight high-pressure units with one IBC (Internal Bundle Cleaner) or six flex-frames (girders) with TLX (lance tube cleaner), two vacuum trucks and a HD-combo and roughly thirty colleagues worked day and night. The peak of these work activities was mostly during the first week and a half of this shutdown.


The sixty colleagues that worked round the clock on the catalyst activities focused on discharging and cleaning by way of spraying and the loading of three reactors each consisting of  4,700 tubes with MIDC. With such a sizable project, there are always challenges. Because of the plant’s small design, it was difficult to align the equipment which filled the plant.  This was also the first time we used our spray grips. We also implemented our own MIDC loading system, as well as our own measuring and dust blowing system. The catalyst colleagues were given the challenge of completing the work in 16.5 days. The reactors were the common thread during the shutdown and that is why such a tight schedule had to be maintained. But, our colleagues worked tirelessly and were able to finish on schedule.


We implemented innovations for the automated cleaning of the complex heat exchangers and the replacement of the catalysts in the reactors. We were hereby able to provide a high-quality service, working safely and within the scheduled time tables. Also new during this shutdown was the advanced camera surveillance system we used to monitor the work activities in enclosed areas. This enabled the project leaders to follow the progress being made and identify any possible technical problems along the way.  This way, colleagues were able to support each other, give advice and jump in when something threatened to go wrong.

For this shutdown, we collaborated with numerous other contractors in addition to our client Shell, of course. These collaborations proved to be very valuable because we depended on one another during this shutdown and had to work together to ensure the quality of the work. Working together went smoothly and any obstacles were jointly overcome. We prepared and discussed everything in advance to ensure that the works would be a successful, joint effort. We can all look back with great pride on this great project.

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