Efficient turnaround

Part of: Teamwork at Zeeland Refinery

Project information

Client: Zeeland Refinery
Location: Vlissingen
Activity: Industrial Services
Company: Mourik Industry
Period: Maart 2020 / Juli 2020

A big turnaround is currently taking place at Zeeland Refinery. Mourik Industry is functioning as the main multi-disciplinary contractor for this turnaround of blocks 8 and 9, the so-called heart of the factory. Together with Visser & Smit Hanab we are continuing to work on the last details in a short a time as possible to carry out the maintenance on the still-standing factory so that our client, Zeeland Refinery, can begin production again.

Three tasks

As regular contractor for Zeeland Refinery, Mourik Industry has been entrusted with this turnaround. We are already familiar with the rules, processes and systems in place and are by now a full-fledged partner to Zeeland Refinery. The work for Mourik is comprised of three specialized tasks. Our colleague Lukas Neijmeijer and his team will focus on the airfin bank, HD bundles and replacing the condenser. Mohamed Smaili and his team are responsible for the “cold works”, or the so-called key works. This includes work done on the barrels and towers, the expansions and moving the equipment back in place, the placement and sealing of barrels and plugging of systems. Visser & Smit Hanab will carry out the welding and fitting works in partnership with Mourik Industry. In addition, various cleaning work will be done by Mathieu Stahl’s team. The teams will be working closely together with our client so that Mourik will have a permanent point of contact, namely Erwin van den Broek, Project leader.

Environment and safety

In the context of working safely and efficiently, having a good work environment and an open and direct culture is very important. At Zeeland Refinery, just as at Mourik Industry, safety is the number one priority. Mourik is closely collaborating with the client to ensure and maintain the level of safety. Certainly with the extra corona measures, this demands even more attention than ever before.

Together with Zeeland Refinery, we are finishing up the last details on a daily basis. This involves plugging the last systems, installing spool units and finishing the quality documents. The specialized tasks assigned to Lukas Neijmeijer’s team went so well that these are already fully completed. At the end of the week all of the work activities will all also be completed.

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