Final stage Thermphos project

Part of: Thermphos: a prestigious, challenging project

Project information

Client: Citters Beheer
Location: Vlissingen
Activity: Industrial Services
Companies: Mourik Industry, Mourik Infra, Petrogas Gas-Systems
Period: juni 2014 / december 2020

No one in the world had any experience in breaking down a phosphorous factory but Mourik accepted the project in June of 2014 to clean/decontaminate the phosphorous factory and still keep the utility plant running at the same time. This was not always easy for either the client or the contractors due to, among others, the TKO agreement, the divergent complex substances and the various government authorities. Peter Jordaan and the other colleagues were able to see it through. Now, six years later, it looks as though the last piece of clean land on the Thermphos grounds will be delivered around X-mass time this year.

Utility plant

The utility plant where Peter Jordaan has his office on the first floor is located behind the last remaining piece of the phosphorous factory. This plant is responsible for making sure that all the companies on and around the terrain are provided with the necessary utilities. Since the old factories and ultimately the utility plant itself will all be demolished. The task of managing these utilities is shrinking steadily, but this does not mean that proper supervision and maintenance according the permit isn’t necessary until the very last moment.

Behind the office of the utility plant is a spot where the waste water for the entire terrain and beyond is cleaned. Mourik devised an ingenious system for cleaning this waste water. The “normal” cleaning method did not deliver the desired results in this case. Mourik then utilized its existing solutions to come up with a desirable way of delivering the waste water to Evides. Besides the removal of waste water, Mourik is also responsible for the supply of water for the entire area. This involves not only the drinking water but also the water that is applied in the various processes, including softened water and demi-water. At the moment the utility plant also leaves, all of the water supplies for the new terrain will run via Evides.

Next to the utility plant there is a building where all of the abrasive spraying works take place. Much of the steel that comes from the factory is radioactive and must undergo several cleaning processes before it is actually clean and radiation-free. The steel from the phosphorous factory has become radioactive after coming into contact with phosphorous. This is not something that is easily cleaned and that is why a three-step cleaning process has been conceived. It cleans the steel so thoroughly that it actually appears as new again before it is shipped off.

Decontamination works

Behind the Thermphos terrain, there is a place where all the soil and snails are collected and classified. Cleaning the contaminated soil is carried out by our colleagues from Mourik Infra. The terrain already has clean sections of land that are now also available for new companies. These sections of land have been sown with grass and are already starting to look like full-blown grass fields. Last February, the last part of the phosphorous factory was torn down and with it, the last remaining work activities have begun. From that moment on, only the Acid factory, Calciner, the acid storage and the utility plant with all its facilities remain with washing area. All of these will also be decommissioned in June and July.

By the end of the year, the Thermphos project will have been completed and the terrain will be suitable to serve a new purpose. Only the memory will remain, North Seaport will ensure a new future.

The Thermphos terrain is a world on its own, where not only Mourik Industry is active as utility plant manager, but also Petrogas and Mourik Infra are active there.. Petrogas has men running around the acid factory in specially designed silver suits. It looks futuristic, but these suits provide protection against phosphorous that causes much bodily harm in even the tiniest amounts. Mourik Infra focuses on decontaminating the soil itself and the ready-to-build-on delivery of the parcels. In short: When it comes to multi-disciplinary works within the Mourik group, Thermphos is a prime example. The cleaning, the physical demolition efforts and the operational work activities all run simultaneously.

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