MCO team cleans aircondensor at OIE AG

Part of: Cleaning assignment MCO team

Project information

Client: OIE AG Biomasseheizkraftwerk
Location: Neubrücke
Activity: Industrial Services
Companies: MCO-Team, Mourik Industry

The MCO team recently completed a nice assignment in Neubrücke, Germany. The assignment was at the biomass heating plant (OIE AG) and consisted of cleaning the LuKo air condenser. The air condenser was heavily polluted due to a combination of limescale deposits and wood dust which needed cleaning.

The client had tried to clean it themselves with (high pressure) water, acid and dry ice. This was unsuccessful, however. After searching the Internet, the MCO team was contacted and they found a solution that worked. By utilizing a cleaning process called the MCO NJP Dry Cleaning method that uses sodium bicarbonate in combination with “high-pressure” air at a maximum of 4.0 BAR, the grime was located and removed. This was all accomplished without any damage to the surface. Consequently, air flow improves, energy costs are reduced and the cooling capacity increases.

The cleaning process comprised four full weeks of working on tackling this hard to remove grime and proved to be quite a cost-effective solution for OIE AG says Alexander Collet. “By cleaning the LuKo, we can now generate more energy with the higher temperatures this summer.” Mr Collet is quite pleased about the collaboration with the MCO team and is confident he we call on us again. “The contact, the project management and the invoicing were all very professional and customer-oriented.”

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