DecarbonX is a unique method by which the heat transfer of heat exchangers can be optimized. It enables energy-intensive process industries to thereby significantly reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, it is cost-saving and the production yield is higher. Mourik offers this technology as part of its broader range of industrial cleaning solutions, such as Non-Entry tank cleaning.

In the innovation estafette we highlight an interesting and special innovation. Every month you can find out about great technologies and developments within our field. For now the focus is on our collaboration with Angara and their patented technology DecarbonX.

How it works

Using artificial intelligence, the DecarbonX software predicts the best maintenance schedule for each specific heat exchanger. DecarbonX Lab analyzes contaminant type, equipment, raw product and other key parameters. Based on this information, DecarbonX Lab selects the appropriate recipe and operating procedures. Contamination in heat exchangers is removed while the refinery continues to run. Moreover, no CAPEX is required and significant carbon emission reductions can be achieved within 12-18 months. It is a completely safe process, for both the heat exchanger and the workers.

Proven technology

In a joint pilot project by Angara and Mourik at a large European refinery, €3.4M and 10kt of CO2 were saved in one year across ten heat exchangers. At scale, an average European refinery with a capacity of 130 kbpd could save up to €15-20M per year on energy and reduce CO2 emissions by 300,000 tons (20-30% reduction in total CO2 emissions).

Classification organisation DNV evaluated the technology in 2022 and rated it with a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 8+, or ready to use. Imagine if the energy-intensive industry widely adopted this technology, up to 400 million tons (!) less CO2 would be emitted annually.

Who is it for?

Especially in the energy-intensive process industry, the Angara method is proving its added value. Currently, Angara's approach and technology are being extended to the petrochemical segment and the first results are very encouraging.

Thanks to smart chemical formulation and artificial intelligence driving scheduling, the contaminants accumulated in the heat exchangers are dynamically removed.

Alex de Valukhoff, CEO of Angara, says, "Our concrete solutions achieve measurable CO2 reductions. We are not talking about the medium and long term, imagine if all refineries in the Netherlands and Belgium applied DecarbonX technology, that would achieve up to 10% of the national 2030 targets."

Simon Kramer, Commercial Director Mourik Industry Division, adds: "We provide innovative solutions that contribute to our customers' sustainability goals. The partnership with Angara is an extension of our specialist expertise and fits well with our wide range of industrial solutions, such as Non-Entry Tank Cleaning and our sustainable innovation strategy."