At Mourik you never stop learning! We find it important that our people continue to develop and grow with Mourik. For example, in the field of Digitalisation. Dennis Scholte, Manager Process Improvement & Training is one of the employees who helps his colleagues to do so. Dennis: "People work with spanners and bolts here, not with an iPad. Step by step, we are embracing digitisation. That is also an immediate challenge, and challenges make my job extra fun".

There are plenty of opportunities for anyone who dares to seize them

"The port is often associated only with boats and containers. People recognise the trucks and oil majors like Shell, but the real story behind those gates often remains hidden. I find it a hugely inspiring place that is constantly growing. There are plenty of opportunities for anyone who dares to seize them." I know that now, but before I came to work here I had a bit of the same image. I was then the owner of a care-related taxi company where we had completely digitised the planning. Being from Vlaardingen, I lived nearby the port, but I had no idea what was going on. Only when I came to work there did I discover how much we use every day, from petrol to clothes to phones, comes to us via industry or the port." 


Digital planning process

"In 2017, a friend told me that Mourik had a challenge in digitising a planning issue. That process was similar to what I was already doing and I was up for a new challenge, so I chose to work here. Now I am responsible for the digital planning process. Using planning software, we ensure that employees and equipment are deployed in the right place based on what they can do and when they are available. This is often quite a puzzle and if it fits, it gives a good feeling." "When making such a schedule, safety is most important. You want everyone to get home safely at the end of their working day, which is why all employees working in industrial cleaning brush up their knowledge every three to five years. Previously, this training was provided externally, whereas we actually have everything we need to train people ourselves. We have been certified by the Industrial Cleaning Foundation for several years now. Together with my team of trainers, we ensure that during off-peak times, the times when the workshop is not so busy, our staff can brush up their knowledge in order to be deployed. 

“Step-by-step we embrace digitisation"

Dennis Scholte, manager Procesverbetering & Training —

"Step by step, we are also embracing digitisation. That is also an immediate challenge, and challenges make my work extra fun, I think. People here work with spanners and bolts, not with an iPad. Because Mourik is a family business, people here are often very loyal and work here for a long time. That's great, but it also means they've been working with the same processes and doing things the same way for a long time. It is then a challenge to bring them along in the increasingly digital world." Before I came to work here, I didn't know what the port would have in store for me, but now I still enjoy working here. I notice that many colleagues also stay here for a long time, because there are many different branches to explore here. The port has so much more to offer than meets the eye."