Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk and Mourik Industry expand cooperation

Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk and Mourik Industry recently signed a multi-year maintenance contract for mechanical work.

Expert knowledge is remakable

"Mourik is an important partner for us. We can call on Mourik 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We appreciate the cooperation and look forward to making further efficiency gains together, now and in the future," said Patric van Kaam, head of Purchasing and Contract holder Marcel de Vreede. "Mourik thinks along and takes initiative. We are also very pleased with the expert knowledge of the Mourik employees."

Mourik is an important partner for us

Shell Chemicals Park Moerdijk —

Site manager Mourik Mohamed Smaili: "Our people enjoy working here and feel responsible for 'their' site. The fact that some have been working here for decades says enough about the quality of the working atmosphere here."

Some 120 Mourik professionals work at the site every day, where they handle civil, cleaning and catalyst handling in addition to mechanical work.