"It is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than any other system that secures tanks and pipes from explosion," says manager product implementation at Mourik, Peter Jordaan. "Subsequently, maintenance or cleaning work can be carried out without unnecessary risks. This is why we are very proud to be able to apply this technology to our customers." Peter is talking about NanoVapor's technology, the topic for this innovation-estafette.

The Innovation -Estafette highlights an interesting and special innovation. In this way you can find out all about great technologies and developments in our field. With NanoVapor, Mourik can degasify hydrocarbon storage and transport facilities (such as pipelines) safely and much faster than existing methods. NanoVapor, is an innovation that is – amongst others - also the solution to a current problem. The degassing of inland vessels whilst sailing has negative effects on the environment and the health of both inland navigation personnel and local residents. With NanoVapor Mourik offers a solution to this challenge.

NanoVapor: faster degassing

Mourik has the exclusivity to apply this technology in the Benelux. "NanoVapor is an application with which we safely accelerate the cleaning process at customers’ facilities. This saves time," Peter says. NanoVapor is already widely used in the oil and petrochemical sector to 'technically' degas empty tanks and pipelines. Technically, because an empty tank almost always leaves residual product behind. "In this case, those are minimal amounts of liquid, product droplets and gases. With the current method, it takes days for these to evaporate completely from a tank," Peter explains.

No risk of explosion

"As long as the LEL (Lower Explosion Limit, ed.) value is too high, no one is allowed to enter the tank and no work permit is issued," Peter warns. "With NanoVapor, the LEL value is brought to the safe level in half the time it normally takes, for example, when using nitrogen. The explosion hazard is eliminated, making it safer and the environmental impact much lower. Employees can get to work faster for maintenance and cleaning work."

Protective micro coating with spray

NanoVapor technology sprays atomized liquid into the area to be cleaned. This mist adheres three-dimensionally to the product left behind and forms a protective micro-layer throughout the tank. This encapsulates the product, preventing further evaporation and the release of contaminating gases. The spray injected is non-flammable, non-reactive and biodegradable on top of that. Therefore it more sustainable and environmentally friendly than any other system.

Safe sailing degassing

In inland shipping, vapor is often blown into the atmosphere while sailing after unloading a liquid hydrocarbon cargo, such as gasoline. To prevent this, a NanoVapor unit can be placed on the deck of a ship. When the ship's tank is emptied, the NanoVapor liquid is atomized into the tank and the residual products left behind are encapsulated. This prevents the residual product from evaporating and entering the atmosphere. In this way, emissions are reduced by more than 50%. Mourik even offers solutions to bring emissions towards zero. It is a proven technology with which the solution to the problem is within reach.