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June 21 2013

Source: Mercedes-Benz Transport, November 2012

Mourik on its Mercedes-Benz fleet

Most of Mourik’s fleet is made up of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Kees Jan Mourik: “Mercedes-Benz excels in terms of life span and maintenance. We’ve been driving our 15 Vito’s and 67 Sprinters of different types and models for a really long time. A maximum of six years or 350,000 kilometres on the clock is quite normal for us. We also have a few delivery vans from another manufacturer, but we notice – especially after around 200,000 kilometres − that the Mercedes-Benz vans need much less maintenance. And I can’t remember them ever breaking down.”

As for most other business in this day and age, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming increasingly relevant for Mourik. Certainly in the Infra market, a company’s carbon footprint counts for a great deal when bids for tenders are being evaluated. The reduction of CO2 emissions is important. The fact that Mercedes-Benz leads the way in terms of European standards, alternative fuels and other environmentally-friendly innovations makes it a very attractive partner for Mourik.