My Project: Cleaning up Soesterberg

June 21 2013

Source: Arbouw magazine, winter 2012

The ‘Cleaning up Soesterberg’ project was showcased as an exemplary project in Arbouw.

The soil under the former air-force base in Soesterberg is being decontaminated. The soil became contaminated at two locations where storage tanks with kerosene once stood. The area is now being excavated and cleaned up.

Jan van Vliet (46), Expert Executive Manager Environmental Projects at Mourik in Groot-Ammers. His quote:

‘In the Netherlands, we’re in the privileged position of having excellent resources to clean up our soil for future generations. Of course, our own health is also important. We wear special suits and breathing protection. We undergo a target-oriented periodical examination in which our blood and urine are analysed. The risk posed by hazardous substances should never be underestimated.’