Contractor Mourik goes offshore

July 11 2014

Source: Algemeen Dagblad (NL) 10-07-2014 

ROTTERDAM – Contractor Mourik steps into offshore. The company is engaging in offshore maintenance of oil production and refinery vessels. Mourik Company, headquatered in Groot-Ammers, the Netherlands, will start working with two vessels for the Brazilian coast.

The employees are mainly going to replace exhausted catalysts in the reactors of these refinery vessels. Mourik Company already gained onshore experience with this type of work, in which the challenge is to operate as quickly as possible such that the refinery has as little idle time as possible. It is a growth market in which the company sees a lot of opportunities.

Mourik Company has two thousand  employees worldwide. The vessels the company is going to start working on are the Cidade de Caraguatatuba and the Cidade de Ilhabela. The first vessel refines 150,000 barrels of oil per day, the second one 100,000 barrels.

Author: Leon van Heel