Infrastructural facility for bottleneck in the pipeline corridor near Hoogvliet

February 26 2014

Source: De Mol #1, January 2014

Lievense CSO has been working towards the realization of an 850 meter long infrastructural facility for pipelines. The facility runs above ground level along mayor highway A15 near Hoogvliet, Rotterdam. The project is carried out by Mourik Groot-Ammers and Ippel Civiele Betonbouw.

The Port of Rotterdam is the industrial centre of the Netherlands. Quick, safe and durable transportation takes place day and night under-ground through pipelines. This invisible network is dedicated for transportation between companies located at the Port themselves and to companies in the hinterland in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Because there is no space available under-ground the Port of Rotterdam decided that the most feasible solution for the bottleneck to build it above the ground.

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