Hasselt, 13 May 2024 - Mourik Technics, which specialises in making buildings more sustainable in Belgium, is showing sharp and sustained growth two years after its establishment. The Hasselt-based company provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) for buildings. In 2023, turnover rose to EUR 13.5 million. That is a threefold increase compared to the previous year. Mourik Technics also expects to grow in 2024. For instance, Mourik Technics is supplying HVAC systems to Living Tomorrow's prestigious innovation campus in Vilvoorde. To facilitate this growth and continue to accelerate the energy transition, the demand for qualified personnel is also growing.

 McKinsey calculated in a 2023 report that the built environment accounts for a quarter of global CO2 emissions. Houses, offices, hospitals, hotels and laboratories are built and then put into use. The realisation or redevelopment of buildings requires sustainable insulation, smart installations and thorough maintenance. This is to ensure a comfortable indoor climate and minimise CO2 emissions. Dirk Vanstraelen, director at Mourik Technics, explains: "Hot summers, cold winters and large fluctuations in humidity levels require a sustainable climate plan. In designing this, we cooperate emphatically with specialised design and consultancy firms. We then offer a total package of services in realisation and maintenance with an experienced team." Mourik Technics is part of contractor and family company Mourik, active in Belgium, the Netherlands and the rest of the world. This originally Dutch company is one of the leaders in environmental engineering and sustainability issues for construction and industry.

Comfort and sustainability

Vanstraelen: "With Mourik Technics, we contribute to accelerating the energy transition in Belgium. But the effect of our work must also be felt immediately. Because people want to work in a comfortable climate all year round. That is what we ensure. In addition, finely tuned climate control is highly necessary for certain industries, such as the pharmaceutical and food industries and within the healthcare sector. Thus we combine comfort, necessity and sustainability. Given the development of Mourik Technics, this is a golden combination." One of the projects Mourik Technics is working on is the prestigious Living Tomorrow innovation campus. At this site in Vilvoorde, an innovation hub consisting of a digital experience centre, a selection of meeting rooms, a voco-hotel and the restaurant Sapor led by top chef Marc Clement. Dirk Vanstraelen: "We are responsible for the HVAC work of this beautiful building. The entire climate control infrastructure in the 12-storey campus is provided by us."

Energy transition increases demand for qualified people

With the energy transition well underway in Belgium, Mourik Technics expects to grow further in 2024 and also expand its services. To achieve that growth in Belgium realise the Hasselt-based company is looking for maintenance technicians, mechanics and project leaders. "Working independently, a lot of variety and a close-knit team are just three benefits. In addition, you will be part of the energy transition and help build a climate-neutral Belgium. Be sure to drop by," concludes Dirk Vanstraelen.

About Mourik: global player and family business in one

Mourik is among the larger independent family-owned companies in the Netherlands. A B2B and B2G service provider in the fields of infrastructure, industry, construction, catalyst handling and environmental engineering. 90 years after its establishment, Mourik is a company with a turnover of EUR 647 million and more than 2,000 employees worldwide. Mourik offers customers in the public and private sectors a multidisciplinary package as a total solution. Mourik stands for healthy returns, continuity, safe working and sustainable enterprise. Innovativeness, entrepreneurial spirit, and hard-working, competent and committed employees make Mourik a future-oriented company. The company, headquartered in Groot- Ammers, is led by CEO Kees Jan Mourik.