First of all: thank you! To all our colleagues, partners and clients. Because what a lot we have achieved together in 2023. Proud? Definitely. With solid revenue growth of over 21 per cent to €647 million in 2023, compared to €532 million in 2022, we look back on a historically good year. This positive development is mainly due to healthy, organic growth across all divisions.


Focus on people and the world around us

As a family business, we believe this is important. Doing business is not only about profit, but above all about paying attention to people and the world around us. Together with our colleagues, our partners and our clients, we deploy all our innovative power and entrepreneurial spirit. In this way, we make Mourik not only a multidisciplinary contractor, but also a knowledge-driven and future-oriented enterprise that helps companies face the major challenges of today and tomorrow.


Financial and sustainability results

Our Annual Report contains the financial and sustainability results. Because we believe they form a whole. In our Annual Report you will find Mourik's vision, the goals and the results achieved.


Stories of our colleagues and clients

We make our approach tangible with case stories - the experiences of our colleagues and clients. So that everyone can see what we achieve together every day.

Curious? Read our Annual Report here.