Embarking on an innovative journey

Mourik and Angara have partnered to revolutionize decarbonization in Oil & Gas refineries. Combining Angara's patented fouling removal technology with Mourik's expert servicing, they have embarked on an innovative journey. Today, they have agreed to expand their collaboration into the petrochemical industry.
Their initial focus will be on removing fouling from a wastewater treatment plant at a major petrochemical site in the Netherlands.


Strengthening commitment

Alex de Valukhoff, CEO Angara Global: "We are thrilled to announce this MOU, which signifies a pivotal expansion of our collaborative efforts beyond traditional refinery operations in the oil and gas sector. This agreement underscores our commitment to pursuing greener, more sustainable initiatives."
Simon Kramer, Director Sustainable Technologies Mourik: “Mourik is excited to explore new opportunities within the framework of the existing partnership with Angara. We have identified such opportunities with a number of petrochemical customers in the Netherlands. One of the ambitions of Mourik is to reduce the use of water for industrial cleaning. This intensified cooperation strengthens Mourik’s commitment to deliver sustainable maintenance solutions”.


If this pilot project succeeds, they plan to extend their groundbreaking solutions to other industries and additional production units within petrochemical plants. The anticipated benefits include reduced downtime, increased yields, lower energy consumption, and decreased CO2 emissions, tailored to each case.
Their offering to customers features AI-based monitoring and decarbonization-focused maintenance for heat-exchanging equipment, promising a smarter, greener future for industrial processes.