Client sees benefits of multidisciplinary approach

November 10 2021
" Special thanks goes out to the Mourik firm that in addition to the normal support, was also present with Mourik International and a mechanical team. We are very pleased with this pilot and it is certainly worth repeating at the next stoppage. "  

When it comes to the multi-disciplinary approach, the work carried out by Mourik Industry at Tata Steel is a good example. Both Mourik and Tata Steel noticed the benefits of our multi-disciplinary approach. The biggest advantage for our client is that the mechanical and cleaning work activities were better aligned and therefore ensured an optimal throughput time. The factory was sooner operational and able to produce again. The client only had one party to deal with which means less supervision on their part is required. This saves time and money.

The project

At Tata Steel, the combustion gasses of the cokes and gas factories are captured. These gasses are purified in a number of steps that results in one of the end products of BTX (Benzene, Toluene and Xylene). This purification process takes place in the BTX factory. To ensure the factory’s optimal performance, periodic maintenance is required.

Mourik’s assignment consisted of cleaning the two towers, the condensers, the heat exchangers and the related piping. To achieve this, we had to completely disassemble one of the towers. Considering the nature of the pollution, a majority of the work activities had to be carried out in protective gas suits. Various parts were cleaned on location by placing a mobile ultra-sonic unit in the middle. The ultra-sonic unit cleaned the heat exchangers with a maximum length of 9.6 meters and which were rinsed afterwards under high pressure. The disassembly and later re-assembly was handled by Mourik Industry. We have the expertise in-house and the client trusted us to demonstrate this in practice. During the work activities, it became quickly apparent that more work would be required than was expected. Thanks to a good cooperation between Mourik and Tata Steel, we were able to carry out the extra work activities without exceeding the throughput time of two weeks. This resulted in many satisfied faces at both Mourik and the client.

The disciplines 

The Mourik disciplines that were involved in this projects included Mechanical, Environmental Services, Catalyst and Cleaning. To prevent emissions into the environment, Environmental Services placed carbon filters. The carbon filters ensure that odor is absorbed and hazardous substances are captured. The prevention of emissions (odor, hazardous substances and noise) is becoming an increasingly essential component of our activities. It is great to know that Mourik is able to offer the right solution for a whole range of environmental issues.


Safety is a basic priority at Mourik. Our safety culture ensures that everyone knows the importance of working safely and dares to confront each other whenever necessary. This is a key aspect of our work, because an incident can cost a lot of time. And time is money, not only for us, but also for our clients. During this project, nearly 40 Mourik staff were busy round the clock and no incidents took place. This is a great result for the client and for Mourik.

Our client Tata Steel is very pleased with Mourik Industry and was especially impressed by our multi-disciplinary approach.

“A difficult stoppage but with thanks to the production stoppage team, Technical Management and all the companies, the stoppage was handled well - our compliments! "

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Photo: Activated carbon filter for BTX tank evaporation

Activated carbon filter for BTX tank evaporation

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