Mourik introduces the M-Unloader

October 7 2021

M-Unloader is the new unloading method for free flow single-bed reactors, which minimizes entries and improves safety. Mourik is continuously searching for opportunities to minimize confined space entries as much as possible. Our operational knowledge combined with our engineering strength are resulting in new developments to achieve this goal. The pneumatically driven equipment is designed for unloading smaller catalyst reactors.

Next to improved safety, the M-Unloader is also user friendly and easy to handle in operation, due to the light weight components and simplicity off the equipment. This reduces the physical strain of the operator and makes continuous suction more physically accessible.

The unloading process of single-bed reactors is a dangerous job, next to the confined space risks and the inert atmosphere, the operator has the risk to be covered by collapsing catalyst when entering the reactor.

Succesful projects

Projects in multiple countries have been completed where M-Unloader is successfully used during unloading. With this reliable equipment we can now unload the reactor up to 100% from the outside. Within Mourik we are always improving, our ultimate goal is to achieve a situation in which entries are no longer needed for confined spaces.

The M-Unloader can be operated without any personnel inside the inert and dusty environment of the reactor. While vacuuming the catalyst, the arm can be adjusted to change position for optimal use. The arm can be extended with modular lightweight pieces and, when the catalyst level drops, the arm can be pneumatically lowered to match the bed level. The pneumatic control is located on the side of the device where it can be operated easily.

Safety is extremely important to us and to our customers and this development contributes to our goal to create a safe work environment for our people.

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Photo: The M-Unloader placed on a reactor

M-Unloader in-situ