Driving electric is the norm

July 8 2021

Reducing CO2 emissions is one of the most important aspects within the strategy of Mourik Industry. To expedite this process, we set a goal for ourselves that 25% of the cars lease cars we give out will be electric. When we presented the fully electric Kia E-soul in June, we achieved our goal in six months' time. And, there are more electric cars on order.

Mourik, just like many other organizations, wants to contribute to a better environment. That is precisely why sustainability and circularity are part of our Route ’25 strategy. This means a number of initiatives will be launched, including separating waste flows and promoting driving electric. Certainly when it comes to our fleet, we can have an impact by stimulating our colleagues to drive electric as much as possible. They too, can appreciate the idea that a better environment starts with yourself and more and more often, are choosing to drive fully electric. Also commercially, whenever possible, we will choose electric cars for ourselves and our clients.

Currently, the Mourik fleet counts approximately 300 cars. Twenty of these are fully electric and this number is slowly growing. We have achieved our goal of making sure that 25% of our new lease cars are fully electric. This concerns passenger cars. When it comes to light transport vehicles, our goal is set at 50%. An ambitious goal, but certainly a viable one. We expect to achieve both our goals by the end of the year so that we too, can make a small contribution in reducing CO2 emissions and work towards a cleaner future for everyone.

For more information about our sustainability goals, please click here.