Unique metamorphosis on the Maasvlakte

April 21 2021

On Monday 12 April, Charles Smissaert of HES Hartel Tank Terminal B.V. and Dennis Zijlmans of Mourik Industry signed their names to commence works on a new, unique project. Under the supervision of HHTT and together with REVER and our sub-contractors, Mourik Industry shall convert the ground floor of an existing building into a suitable control room with offices, washing areas, locker rooms and a cafeteria. This building is part of a whole new Terminal for the storage and transshipment of various diesel, petrol components, kerosene and biofuel products which is going to be built on the Maasvlakte. A unique metamorphosis that simply demands our special Mourik approach geared towards finishing the work within the allotted time frame and according to the wishes of the client.

The Mourik Industry team, headed by Leo Fokker started the demolition work and engineering in early March. The project is now under way and the expected completion is scheduled for December 2021. Our work will focus on the engineering, and the construction works including the demolition and build-up, installing technical installations and the layout coordination which involves the floor finish and the interior.

The team is very excited about this new, unique project which we were allocated thanks to work we performed on earlier, similar projects that were completed to the great satisfaction of other clients. This project closely correlates to our Route ‘25 strategy and our vision of being the best multi-disciplinary service provider in the world of tomorrow. 

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