Introducing: Thomas Huisman

March 1 2021

Thomas Huisman - internThree weeks ago, Thomas started as Mourik Industry’s newest intern. Starting off, he worked from home because of the frost and ice, however he can now be found in room 1.34 at the Nieuwesluisweg in Rotterdam.

Thomas is a second-year International Business student, and he started his internship in February of 2021 at the Business Development department as well as the Communications department overseen by Mylene van Dissel and Debbie Donkervoort respectively. 

His assignment is to approach (potential) clients in order to introduce Mourik “Specials” with the ultimate goal of generating new projects. For this, Thomas is mainly busy with; desk research, creating a tactical sales-plan and of course, approaching the (potential) clients themselves.

Besides that, Thomas is also looking for ways to standardize both internal and external means of communications between Mourik locations. Thomas has been with us for three weeks now and has been hard at work with these two assignments.