Promising New Assignment for INOVYN Norway

February 6 2020

Good preparation by Peter van Assen and Arno Zwetsloot together with INOVYN itself, formed the basis for the expedient and proper execution of this project. A team comprised of Peter van Assen, Jan Olree, Marcel van Middelkoop and Marc Kube left for Norway at the end of October. One month later, at the end of November, everyone was home again.

In the 90s, these tanks were still conventionally emptied and cleaned. Conventional cleaning is highly labour-intensive and can sometimes run for over ten weeks! By implementing the non-entry tank cleaning system, the tank is now emptied and cleaned in just over four weeks, which included the setting up of the necessary equipment and materials and the clean-up at the end.

At the end of last year, Mourik emptied and cleaned a tank for INOVYN Rafnes (Norway) for the third time with the non-entry tank cleaning system. These tanks contain the so-called “heavy ends” - a mixture of heavily chlorinated flammable hydrocarbons. The heavy sludge is pumped out of the tank into a total of approx. 400 IBCs that are then shipped to Germany for combustion of chlorinated waste.

This assignment will lead to more new projects

INOVYN is very pleased with the execution of this project and asked if Mourik would be interested doing more work for INOVYN, during the scheduled factory shut-down in the fall of 2021, for example.

A delegation from INOVYN visited Mourik last month to discuss this. Together with Stein Robert Aasheim (Project Manager of the completed project), Ole Jonny Nygaard (Maintenance Coordinator) and Inge Christensen (Maintenance Manager), the completed project was first evaluated and this was followed by a tour of the grounds and a demonstration of how the Hydra and Ultrasoon cleaning equipment work. Erwin Hofland also gave a presentation on product development and innovation at Mourik. We ended the day with an informal dinner and our Norwegian friends returned back to Norway the next morning.

We have already carried out a “spin-off” project - the Ultrasoon cleaning of a heat exchanger which was brought to the Netherlands for this purpose. The exchanger is now clean and safely back in Norway. We have made good contacts and discussed the future. We are confident that Mourik will carry out more projects for INOVYN in Norway and perhaps also other branches in Europe.