Mourik Award unsafe situation report (sisser) of the year 2019 goes to Venezuela

January 15 2020

Hector Macho of Mourik Industry Venezuela has been awarded with the first price in the Mourik sisser report contest 2019. Our sisser safety notification system, among other things, aims to check safety at one’s workplace by performing an LMRA before commencing any job. In case something is unsafe or obstructing a safe execution of the job, the employee has to discuss this with his supervisor; together they have to solve the problem before (re)starting work. Or as we always say at Mourik: see it, say it, solve it (and report a sisser).

From left to right: Kees Jan Mourik, CEO Mourik, Hector Macho, Mourik Industry Venezuela and Gert Griffioen, Head of Corporate Safety

During work at a refinery in Colombia Hector found out that their work DP measurement equipment was connected to nitrogen instead of compressed air. This causes the danger of nitrogen exhaust and the expel of oxygen on the workplace. Because the work was executed in a steam reformer furnace, a kind of confined space, this can be immediately life or health threatening!

A good example of safety awareness and our Sisser credo: ‘see it, say it, solve it’

Hector noticed this serious problem in time, stopped the activities and discussed the problem with the client. After that they took the right measures to safely carry out the work. A good example of safety awareness and our Sisser credo: ‘see it, say it, solve it’.

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