FPAL Audit 2019 Results in Top Rating

December 12 2019

‘There is always room for improvement’ is a household statement at Mourik. When in 2017 we received the FPAL Audit results however, we were almost speechless. A score of an 8 and three 9s on a scale from 1 to 10 can hardly be topped, can it? Yes, it can. This year Achilles FPAL awarded Mourik Industry an even higher rating than in 2017.

Why is this important?
Achilles’ FPAL is the leading qualification system when it comes to selecting contractors in the oil and gas industry. According to FPAL Mourik Industry scored a 9.5 for Quality, a 9.6 for Health & Safety, a 9.2 for Environment and a 9.2 for Competence & Training. The asset owners use the FPAL results in selecting the best partner for the work they want to contract out. For this reason, Mourik attaches much value to their top results.

Smoothly Run Audit
Hans Huntelaarslag, Mourik Industry’s quality co-ordinator, said the audit run pretty smooth. ‘People had prepared adequately for the audit and were able to answer the thorough questions of the auditor’. HSEQ Manager Arend Profijt added ‘This year Mourik Industry transferred to a new quality control system. Passing the test in this way, I can only be very proud on everyone who has played a role in it.’