Mourik introduces M-Lance

March 28 2019

M-Lance is the newest addition to the Mourik tubular catalyst change system.

Mourik is specialized in replacing catalyst from tubular reactor in the chemical industry.  For this we use unique technologies, for example our patented M-IDC loading method. Unloading spent catalyst from a tubular reactor was previously a labor-intensive job. Using the M-Lance, a Mourik patented technology, the unloading process is automated, resulting in a safer work environment, and a more efficient and predictable tubular catalyst change-out.

With the introduction of M-Lance Mourik offers the final link to automate the complete catalyst change-out: faster, more efficient and more precise. This completes the Mourik tubular catalyst change system, our end-to-end solution for realizing the shortest possible downtime, maximum production yield and longest uptime. 

Commercial availability

In February 2019, Mourik successfully completed the first commercial-scale catalyst change-out utilizing M-Lance technology.  This was applied during a turnaround of one of the largest reactors producing purified ethylene oxide (PEO) in North America. Test results confirmed that using M-Lance technology instead of manual airlancing, is radically faster unloading with less people, in a safer working environment. This resulted in considerable turnaround gains of up to 30%.