Born pumping station soon to generate electricity too

July 6 2017

Under the banner of the Besix-Mourik consortium, Mourik Limburg was commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch public works and water management authority) to partially repurpose one of the four pumps at the pumping station in the town of Born to generate electricity.

The pumping station was originally designed to, during low-water periods on the Maas river, replace the water lost in the adjacent locks on the Juliana Canal, pumping the water from the lower reach to the upper reach. By now allowing the water to flow during high-water periods from the upper reach to the lower reach and through the pump, it is possible to use the pumping station as a turbine to generate electricity. This is a pilot aimed primarily at monitoring, during an endurance test, the effects of this means of operation and deter-mining the exact returns. So, we adjust the entire installation in such a way that one of the pumping-station pumps can still pump when it needs to and be used to generate electricity when this is possible. Right now, the project is still in the design stage and we are making preparations for requesting the permits.

The first repurposed operation is planned for January 2018.

Source: Mourik Open 133