Major maintenance of N498b

October 11 2016

The N498, a secondary road in the province of South Holland, runs from the N215 near Oude-Tonge to the N59 near Den Bommel. Mourik Groot-Ammers is carrying out major maintenance of this 5-kilometre stretch as commissioned by the Province of South Holland.  

The project comprises replacing the asphalt construction and upgrading the service road to a fully-fledged parallel structure suitable for farm traffic. The lighting, guard-rail and boarding along the N498 are also being replaced, as well as two old culverts crossing the N498. A new aspect of this project is that we installed all lighting cables and pipes directly as a Mourik company. This has allowed us to be certified for various elements of the CKB regulation, i.e. the Netherlands certification regulation for cable infrastructure and pipe installation companies.

We are furthermore applying Multidot marking. This is a relatively new technique in the Netherlands for applying road marking, which increases night-time visibility and, especially during wet weather conditions, road safety. We expect to complete the final activities around the end of this year. Mourik Groot-Ammers is not out there on its own: we  cooperate with Traffic & More for temporary traffic measures and with Mourik E&I for the installation of lighting.