Mourik Annual Report 2015

July 4 2016

Our annual report 2015, the integrated report of Mourik, was published end of March. The theme of the report is ‘NEXT’. After a decrease in 2014, our turnover increased to 476 million EUR in 2015. The result after taxes increased to 9.6 million EUR. The outlook for 2016 looks promising; we expect to see improvement in the results.

In 2015 we further concretized the strategic plan ‘Mourik 2015-2020’ with regard to innovation and collaboration. We entered into new external and internal partnerships and invested in set innovations to create an even higher added value for our customers. Our sustainable ambitions fit our strategic goals. In 2015 we paid special attention to the development, safety and health of our people.

We stand for the future of our company and our society, which the report’s theme - NEXT – seamlessly blends in with. Our focus is on future projects, new markets, partnerships and growth opportunities. In this annual report, four generations give their view on the future, too.

The annual report 2015 can be downloaded or read by clicking here. Consistent with our sustainability policy, we provide a digital report. If you would like to receive a printed copy in Dutch or English, please send an email to

You can also watch the video below, which contains some highlights from our annual report.