Sewer renovations Rothem

October 14 2015

Rothem, a small church village with a population of less than 2,000 near Maastricht, is where many northerners start a cycling tour of the hills of Limburg. For Mourik Limburg Civiel, it has been representing the start of a new working day every morning since January this year. The Municipality of Meerssen has instructed Mourik to reconstruct the sewer in north Rothem. At peak times, the capacity of the existing sewers was far too low, which resulted in water in the roads. Time for a sewer reconstruction.

Starting premise: allowing as little rainwater to end up in the treatment systems and letting it be absorbed by the soil instead by constructing a virtually level rainwater system with infiltration pipes. To absorb the big initial flush, this system will be placed in a lava package. This enables to the rainwater to buffer in the pipes and the lava, after which it can gradually sink into the soil and mix with the groundwater. An overflow to a ditch has been constructed as an emergency escape.

The waste water used to run underneath a ditch and straight through some meadows. Now it had to run underneath a railway line and connect to a large transport sewer nearby, which discharges into a water treatment plant. Underneath the railway line, we were only allowed to lay a waste water discharge pipe with a diameter of 30 cm. That is why we built a buffer with 200 meters of sewer pipes with an internal diameter of 2 m in front of the railway line.

In practice, it meant we had to lay pipes with an internal diameter of 2.40 m, 3 m in length, weighing 10.50 tons, and all of this in a road that was only 5 m wide. Also, the trench had to be dug in remediation conditions. All in all, it was a technical, logistical and financial challenge. The fact that we had to lay the infiltration sewer with lava package and pressure sewer in that same trench is irrelevant. We then constructed the waste water sewer underneath the railway line.

Thanks to thorough preparations, constructive collaboration with the client, but particularly the expertise, flexibility and boundless commitment from our on-site professionals, this phase was concluded well ahead of schedule. We are currently working hard on the final phases, and the entire project is expected to be completed more than a month ahead of schedule.