Crossing the road in De Bilt is now safer

October 15 2015

On the instruction of the province of Utrecht, Mourik Groot-Ammers is constructing a bicycle tunnel underneath Universiteitsweg (N412) in De Bilt.

The N237/N412 junction in De Bilt is one of the main connection hubs for cars, cyclists and public transport between Utrecht, De Bilt, Zeist, de Uithof and the A28. Now that the cyclists’ crossing has been removed and a cycle tunnel has been created, traffic safety for all road users has improved and travel times are reduced. Additional lanes have improved the capacity of the junction.

The work was carried out away from traffic and during lowtraffic periods as much as possible. In July, we used two weekends to install 38 prefab tunnel elements and of 34 tons each underneath the road of the N412. During these weekends, the entire junction received a new asphalt structure and new portals for the traffic regulation system were installed.

The project was started in February 2015; the first cyclists will be able to use the new cycle tunnel at the end of this year.