Bouman and Mourik Techniek design TSA robot

October 12 2015

TSA (Thermal Spray Aluminium) is the application of a heat-sprayed metallic coating on a steel surface. This coating offers long-term protection for the surface
against corrosion and is expected to last approximately 50 years. Traditional
coating systems have a lifespan of 20 years.

Applying TSA on internal tank bottoms is a very labourintensive process. During previous projects, the inspection and recovery procedures considerably ate into the completion time. So as to improve  control over this process, automation would be a good solution. That is why Bouman, in close cooperation with Mourik Techniek, designed the TSA robot, based on the air fin bank cleaner. The robot meets all safety requirements and stipulations for use in confined spaces in the industry. Two robots have already been in use for more than six weeks now and the results are excellent.

Whereas it used to be difficult to control the layer thickness, often resulting in
frequent repairs, the robot can fine-tune this to a very high level, and repairs are hardly ever needed anymore. The standard deviation in the (nominal) layer thickness is now minimal and the bond strength is of consistently high quality. Immediate benefits are a reduced intensive measuring protocol, increased production and, as such, considerably reduced turnaround times and a maximum use of scarce products such as gas, oxygen and aluminium. The working  conditions have also improved, particularly in terms of posture. Also, most of the work is now carried out outside the line of fire.

Our client was extremely happy with this innovation, especially because we were
also able to make up a considerable amount of the time we lost earlier. We treated
around 1,800 m2 with the robots in two tanks. Only 10 to 15% of the treatment
had to be done manually, such as the annular ring, 10 cm from the wall and roof

The robots have undergone maintenance as well as a couple of minor modifications and can now be used for new projects.

Source: Mourik Open 126