Mourik Limburg creates ‘living room’ for Brunssum

July 20 2015

The Municipality of Brunssum has instructed Mourik Limburg Civiel to redevelop Lindeplein, currently home to hotels and catering establishments and serving as an events area.

It is a prestigious project right in the centre of the city, with the objective of creating a ‘living room’ effect for Brunssum by linking up the square and the park. Mourik Limburg Civiel won the project contract thanks to an excellent EMVI score, with the municipal authorities stating that ‘the plan submitted by Mourik looked better than our own’.

The metamorphosis of Lindeplein started in the adjacent pond. During the first phase, we will move the car park and a natural water filter. To this end, (small) parts of the pond will be filled up. That is a specialist job. This is because the duck pond is part of Vijverpark, which is a conservation area within Brunssum. The Municipality of Brunssum is extremely protective of that heritage. Hence the filling process will be under the continuous supervision of the municipal authorities and that of the Water Board.

Discolouring of the water
The material used to fill the pond is Enci Silex, a certified residual product that
mainly consists of large chunks of solid rock. The stones and limestone residues that are released when the rock comes into contact with water are completely harmless for the pond and the living organisms in it. The discolouring of the pond is temporary, as the lime will subside to the bottom in due course and, once there, will even contribute to the quality of the water. The temporary screen (a textbook example of Mourik creativity) installed in the water ensures not the entire pond will take on the strange colour. We will only remove the screen after the pond has been filled, once the limestone has subsided.

Natural filter
At the town hall side, a strip will be created that serves as a soil passage, a
natural filter that filters all the rainwater from Lindeplein and the surrounding built-up area before it is released into the pond. This means that clean rainwater is kept out of the existing sewerage system, thereby relieving the pressure on the sewerage system. This project therefore ultimately also contributes to making the Municipality of Brunssum climate-proof.

Source: Mourik Open 125