What is that rolling in…?

July 15 2015

As a leading market specialist in the field of catalyst handling services, Mourik UK has further strengthened its authority by putting CleanCat, a patented, pneumatic catalyst system, on the map. The CleanCat system was deployed in March as part of a major catalyst handling project at the Essar Refinery Stanlow in England, where more than sixty Mourik members of staff from across the globe recharged the major reactors. The CleanCat system offers crane-free loading with minimal damage to the precious catalyst. Adverse weather conditions will not have a negative effect, meaning no delays in the event of wind and rain. The system also loads quicker than conventional technology and the combination of these advantages translates into a cost reduction for our customers. March proved to be busy for Mourik UK, as in addition to this project and other maintenance projects, catalyst projects at TOTAL LOR, PetroIneos Grangemouth and GrowHow UK had to be completed.

Source: Mourik Open 125