Bridge Bosscheweg Tilburg, a complex but successful project

March 30 2015

Under the flag of the Mourik-Istimewa consortium, Mourik Limburg has been working on a commissioned project for major maintenance of 26 engineering structures in the waterways in the provinces of Noord-Brabant and Limburg. The
project concerns fixed and moving bridges and locks. The bridge Bosscheweg
across the canal Wilhelminakanaal in Tilburg was the first and also the most complex object to be dealt with. The work included replacing the preservation of the lifting towers, all steel parts and the flooring. Furthermore the wear layer of the bridge deck, the metal expansion joints and the lifting cables were replaced, and new barriers were constructed for the object.

Complex factors
Mourik had to renovate the bridge while, on commission from the municipality of
Tilburg, four independently operating contracting companies were renovating the
crossings on either side of the bridge. Mourik’s pragmatic approach in the end
ensured that all work could be carried out without any interruption and without
any adverse impact on the mutual cooperation. We completed this work in three
weeks together with our project partners Vogel, Traffic & More, and GSB.

The customer pointed out in its evaluation that it was extremely pleased with the quality provided and with meeting the time schedule despite external disruptions affecting the project. Especially the fact that we had realised this project thanks to serious and solid stakeholder management, was a major plus!

Source: Mourik Open 124