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High-pressure and vacuum cleaning

Every production and utility company has to have its installations emptied and cleaned regularly. This applies to tanks, reactors, pipelines, silos, filters, sewers and all other production parts. This is often done using conventional high-pressure and/or vacuum techniques. Our teams have the experience and the equipment to carry out this task expertly and safely.

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Automatic cleaning

Mourik is always looking for ways to work more safely. We invest heavily in automatic cleaning instead of manual work. This keeps our and your people out of the line of fire and drastically reduces the risk of accidents. Moreover, automatic cleaning is faster and leads to better results.

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Ultrasonic cleaning

Factories are complex buildings and conventional cleaning alone is often not enough. Some parts are barely accessible or too vulnerable for high-pressure techniques. Ultrasonic cleaning is the solution. The technique is based on chemical cleaning in an immersion bath, reinforced by ultrasonic vibrations.

Ultrasonic cleaning is not new but was previously used mainly for smaller process parts. In 2014, we scaled up the technique to industrial proportions. Today we have the largest ultrasonic cleaning baths on the market. You can use these for (tubular) heat exchangers up to 10 metres long, filters, piping, pumps, valves and racking material, among other things.

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Thermal cleaning

If dismountable process components are organically contaminated and cannot be cleaned in any other way, Mourik has the ultimate solution: thermal cleaning. This PLC-controlled pyrolysis process removes all types of contamination of organic origin in a controlled and safe manner. Hydrocarbons, oils and greases, glue, paint. Even charred and caked contamination is no longer a problem.

Catalyst handling

The following applies to all (petro)chemical companies and refineries: the performance of the catalyst determines the efficiency of the plant to a great extent. Therefore, it is extremely important that a catalyst change takes place quickly, properly and safely. That is the work of specialists! In the past decades Mourik has developed into a leading company in the field of catalyst handling. We do this with our own innovative solutions.

• Automatic unloading of reactors
Mourik is the first company worldwide that can discharge tubular reactors automatically, so that catalyst changes become more efficient, safer and more predictable. The technique we use for this is called M-Lance.

• Modular loading system for more efficient loading of reactors, with less dust
Mourik's M-IDC loading system has been around for years in the industry. And not without reason. The system is faster and more careful than conventional loading machines. And it produces less dust so that the installation can be started up more quickly.

Plant shutdowns

Time is money! In order to avoid long shutdowns of your production installation or to ensure that it can continue working during maintenance and/or cleaning activities, we draw up a tight but realistic work schedule together with you. This way, we can deliver the quality you expect and guarantee maximum safety on site.

Work in inert and toxic atmospheres

Do you carry out cleaning work in very specific circumstances, such as in an inert environment or in places with a toxic atmosphere? Only after thorough analysis of all the risks and taking the appropriate safety measures do we start working. We deploy a specially equipped team and permanently monitor the area for the presence of toxic and/or explosive gases. For us, there is no difference between a large reactor vessel at a factory or a septic tank at a private customer. We always carry out the work according to the same high safety standards.

Mercury contamination

The issue of mercury (Hg) in the production process is a constant concern for certain industries. Mercury not only poses health risks to workers but is also a threat to production facilities. However, removing mercury is work for trained professionals. We have these experienced experts and all the specialised equipment in house to tackle mercury decontamination efficiently and safely.

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