Sustainability and innovation

Sustainability is our forte

Mourik Infra holds a large number of certificates in the fields of safety, quality, the environment, CO2, Corporate Social Responsibility and process control. Each day, we aim to be a reliable partner by doing as we say, by working safely, not jeopardising the health of our employees and bystanders. In addition, we actively focus on sustainability in order to contribute to a better living environment.

To Mourik, sustainability in infrastructure means a minimum of traffic disruption, safety for road users and road workers, the use or reusable materials and attention for the total lifespan costs.

Creating Succes

The Mourik Excellence Award places a project or product that has made an essential contribution towards collaboration, innovation and the discovery of new niches (our pillars) in the spotlight.
The big winner in 2018 was the project 'major maintenance sluice and consortium complexes Delden and Hengelo'.

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Cora de Groot
Cora de Groot
Sustainability Manager

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