The Dutch road network has limited capacity. These limits have already been stretched fairly far through traffic management, with disruptions in traffic flows immediately resulting in a loss of capacity and congestion.

Disruptions can be scheduled or unscheduled. Unscheduled disruptions usually are incidents which, depending on the time they occur, have a big impact on flow capacity. The damage can be slightly reduced by dealing with the incident swiftly, in combination with clear, additional traffic measures.

Scheduled disruptions usually ensue from inspections and maintenance. For 20 years now, road authorities make allowance for the impact on safety and flow during scheduled disruptions. During the past five years, the focus has shifted to flow, mainly to reduce the nuisance. The role of the traditional contractor also branched into being a partner who allows the construction process to be geared to flow. The interaction between contractor and traffic is the role of the specialist in temporary traffic management.

Disruptions are reduced by combining activities and by designing a working order that guarantees continuous maximum road capacity. When we are also able to take additional, supporting measures, we can determine the optimum between construction and flow, without making concessions to safety.

With such an integrated approach, the contractor must have his own specialist who will participate in the tendering phase as a fully-fledged partner. For Mourik Infra, that partner is subsidiary Traffic & More. More information about Traffic & More.

Activities in connection with road management

  • Dynamic traffic management
  • City Mobility
  • Communication support
  • Project support
  • Project realisation, temporary physical traffic measures
  • Project preparation (Advice and Engineering)
  • Events

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Peter-Jan Hendriks
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