Management and maintenance


The maintenance of dry and wet infrastructure demands a multidisciplinary approach and needs to be carried out whilst keeping roads and waterways operational to the greatest possible extent. The priority is to cause a minimum of traffic disruptions and achieve maximum safety and availability. Mourik has most disciplines required for this, such as engineering, road construction, concrete repairs, steel and concrete preservation, steel structures, mechanical engineering, traffic measures and electrical and mechanical engineering. As a team, we excel in maintenance.

Area maintenance

Our clients, such as the Netherlands Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, fully outsource area management. Among other things, the contract covers full lifespan-extending maintenance, major maintenance and maintenance to engineering structures (viaducts and underpasses). Mourik offers the disciplines required for area maintenance, enabling us to create a care-free environment for you from design to maintenance, with a single point of contact. Experienced and skilled people who do what they promise. 

Renovation and maintenance of sluices, locks, bridges and viaducts

Engineering structures such as viaducts and bridges are of vital importance for Dutch infrastructure. Proper maintenance can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). Mourik has experience with the multidisciplinary execution of major maintenance on engineering structures, paying extra attention to reducing traffic disruptions. This helps to reduce disruptions to the surrounding area and traffic users.

During the past few years, Mourik has renovated and carried out major maintenance on a host of bridges. Mourik Groot-Ammers specialises in the renovation, reconstruction and maintenance of bridges. Together with Mourik subsidiaries such as Vogel, Bouman, Mourik Techniek and Traffic & More, we apply a multidisciplinary approach to projects. This creates short lines and expert project teams.

Mourik Limburg specialises in new constructions and maintenance of wet engineering structures, such as locks and sluices. Here too, we can see a shift to larger maintenance projects. Thanks to our expertise, Mourik Limburg is the ideal candidate for renovations and maintenance of wet engineering structures. A good example of a complex, interdisciplinary and high-risk construction project is the renovation and and extension of the locks at Born, Maasbracht and Heel. The Limburg lock project proves what collaboration can lead to. Despite the risks and technical challenges, it was the people and their ideas that lead to a magnificent result.

Concrete maintenance

The side effects of the revolutionary constructions in the 1960s cast a long shadow. In those days, calcium chloride often used as hardening accelerator, as a result of which a lot of these buildings now suffer from enormous damage to the concrete, which can seriously affect the durability of the reinforced concrete structure. At times, (serious) corrosion of the reinforcement is caused not just because of errors in design, material and execution, but also because of the surrounding environment and the use of road salt. When the problems are discovered in time, the lifespan of concrete structures can often be considerably extended by relatively simple methods.

Cathodic protection 

Cathodic protection, or CP, is a revolutionary preservation technology that provides for an economic and sustainable solution for damage caused by reinforcement corrosion in concrete. As cathodic protection does not require extensive remediation work, it is often possible to realise savings that more than amply cover the initial costs of cathodic protection.  Our Mourik subsidiary, Vogel Kathodische Bescherming, uses sophisticated technologies to apply the CP system to the concrete structure. This system halts the premature damage process in concrete structures. It does not matter if the CP system is applied to a console of a balcony, on a gallery floor, a balcony structure or even an entire bridge structure.


Without proper protection, materials such as metal are affected quicker, rendering them useless or unsafe. By applying the right preservation, we can protect your engineering structures and other objects, as a result of which they will last longer, safely. One of our operating companies, G. Bouman Arkel, specialises in blasting, painting and preservation.

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