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Mourik is an experienced player in infrastructure. We have years of experience with soil transport, sewerage work, paving, the construction and reconstruction of roads, dike improvement and  reinforcement, concrete construction and with supplying traffic engineering supporting structures. We have the right (and cleanest) material to carry out a wide range of ground work. Our people make the difference and have the knowledge and expertise to turn your project into a success.

The market sees more and more multidisciplinary projects that demand an integrated approach, as projects and contracts are becoming increasingly complex. Mourik Infra is a multidisciplinary collaboration within Mourik that takes an integrated approach to the market for infrastructure. By bundling the operating companies that work in the field of infrastructure, we have created a powerful, single party that can take care of multidisciplinary projects for the client from start to finish. You have a single, central point of contact throughout the process.

Soil transport

Soil transport is the relocation of soil for excavation, raising or a combination of the two. Examples of such activities are the excavation of watercourses, slopes and construction pits, to site preparation. The Mourik companies that are active in civil and hydraulic engineering, Mourik Groot-Ammers and Mourik Limburg, have their own extensive machinery and experienced people. This enables us to give you a fast and expert service.

Sewerage work

We often have to replace sewers in areas with a lot of stakeholders and restricted space. Mourik has a lot of experience with sewerage work in public spaces, where environmental management and a quick execution are vital. Sewerage work often comprises breaking open and closed paving, removing and installing the main sewer, installing paving elements, installing closed paving, planting trees and shrubs and applying traffic measures. We have the knowledge and resources required for this work, so you are guaranteed to have a single central point of contact for a reliable and efficient execution.


Paving comes in all shapes and sizes. Mourik is the party that can help you with various types of paving, such as asphalt paving, concrete paving and element paving. We use modern equipment and we have our own asphalting teams. APEX (Asphalt Process Expert) gives us a real-time insight into the asphalt road process, from planning, asphalt production to transport and on-site processing. The APEX system links up vehicles, distribution machines, asphalt plants and scheduling packages, enabling us to closely follow progress of the work.

Sustainable development is one of Mourik’s fortes. As such, we do no only offer the usual asphalt mixture, but also innovation asphalt mixtures that contribute to a better environment:

  • COLT asphalt is our innovative asphalt mixture wit a CO2 reduction during the production phase, noise-reducing properties and a longer lifecylce.
  • Our ‘anti-frost’ asphalt (Melt) is the first asphalt not to freeze up to -5ºC. This reduces the chances of slippery roads, it requires less maintenance and it improves traffic safety.
  • COLT asphalt light is the first asphalt mixture with light-reflecting properties, a longer lifespan, CO2 reduction during the production phase and noise-reducing properties. Thanks to the asphalt’s light colour, less public lighting is required, resulting in considerable energy costs savings.

Dike improvement

We reinforce and improve the Dutch dikes to ensure the Netherlands are safe again from flooding. Mourik Groot-Ammers secured a big contract in October 2013, literally starting in the ‘backyard’. Combinatie Dijkversterking Molenwaard (CDVM), which Mourik forms part of, is reinforcing the primary water-control structure between Kinderdijk and Schoonhovenseveer (KIS) on the instruction of the Rivierenland water authorty.

The way in which the primary water-control structure is designed mainly consists of the traditional installation of support verges of soil, but also of installing various types of structures. We also install concrete bored piles in the work. These piles, which are shaped in the ground, are subsequently anchored. The bored pile technology reduces the risk of damage to nearby buildings. 

Concrete construction

Making concrete work that is structurally made in concrete is referred to as concrete construction. Mourik Groot-Ammers is your partner in the design and engineering in concrete construction, as well as the actual realisation of the project. Thanks to expert people and a central point of contact, you are guaranteed a magnificent end result.

Concrete construction in infrastructure mainly concerns the construction of engineering structures. A good example is the pipe viaduct constructed by Mourik Groot-Ammers in collaboration with Ippel for the Rotterdam Port Authority. Due to the A15 motorway being extended, there was not sufficient room for the underground storage of cables and pipes. The pipe viaduct now safely stores cables and pipes above-ground.

For the industrial sector, we make concrete foundations for production sites and petro-chemical plants, among other things. At such sites it is often important to protect the soil against any contamination. In such instances too, Mourik is your partner! We specialise in and are certified for constructing (and repairing) liquid-proof and liquid-resistant floors.

Traffic engineering supporting structures

Portal frames, girders and outriggers are examples of traffic engineering supporting structures. One of the operating companies of Mourik Infra, Mourik Limburg, specialises in traffic engineering supporting structures the for national and regional infrastructure sector. 

Mourik Limburg has been manufacturing traffic engineering supporting structures, also referred to as traffic portal frames for years now. In and from Echt, we design and manufacture the structures, which are assembled by our own assembly teams. Thanks to our favourable location along the A2 motorway and the spacious production units, we can manufacture and transport girders with lengths up to 62 metres. Thanks to its specific experience and possibilities, in many situations,  Mourik Limburg is a discussion partner who comes up with solutions, both from a technical and project point of view.

We also provide Reno portals. Reno portals are reused traffic portals that fully comply with requirements and regulations. The reuse of traffic portals results in a 70% CO2 reduction. This way, we and our client contribute to a better environment.

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