Design and engineering

Comprehensive solutions 

Our clients demand more and more comprehensive solutions. This requires integration of the various main disciplines: design, realisation, management and maintenance. Our integrated approach enables us to realise a sustainable design, acknowledging the wishes and needs regarding maintenance and management. This reduces the total costs of ownership. Mourik offers you the necessary know-how in every field, as we have knowledge and experience in all required disciplines. Stronger still, we have everything required to design (with the help of our disciplinary design department) and execute the entire project ourselves.

Building Information Model (BIM)

In order to be able to execute the entire project from design to delivery, project control is a must. System engineering and system-orient contract management enable the client to monitor the realisation processes of the various components of complex contract forms and to ensure that what we deliver meets the expectations, requirements and quality.

BIM is a working method, based on collaboration and sharing information, that ensures that all relevant information is stored, used, managed and supported by one and/or more digital (3D) building models and one and/or more information carriers throughout the lifecycle. All parties involved in the construction process use the same information and as such know what each party is doing. The information is continuously available to all parties involved and is always up-to-date.

There are four systems that together facilitate the Building Information Model (BIM):

  • Virtual Construction
    Integral construction of an overall 3D model, including the factors 4D (time) and 5D (money)
  • System Engineering
    Contract management, from requirement to delivery, including everything that transgresses this
  • Document Management
    Central safeguarding of all documents, e-mails and lists
  • Digital testing
    Digital recording of all elements of the design to be tested.

Mourik uses BIM for big, complex projects. By using this system, we reduce failure costs, we improve chain integration and increase our productivity. Your added value is a transparent process with an early visual picture of the end result.

Structural calculations

Engineering is the calculation, elaboration of the design up to the scheduling of big constructional projects. At Mourik Groot-Ammers we have a design and engineering department that specialises in preparing structural calculations. The engineering department prepares structural calculations for various disciplines.

For civil and hydraulic engineering, the basic design is transformed into a three-dimensional MX model, which automatically includes the required amount of groundwork and paving. In addition, we make calculations for drainage, the sewer diameter required and the storage capacity for rain water. The paving structure is dimensioned with the use of data about traffic intensity and soil conditions.

Engineering for civil engineering works relates to the calculating the strength of civil engineering concrete structures. Examples include foundations, tank pits, storage basements, storage tanks and plant foundations. We use available load data to determine the dimensions and thickness of the concrete structure, the concrete quality to be applied and the reinforcement required for the concrete. We use cone penetration test data and structural load data to dimension a pile function or foundation on steel.

We also have the necessary knowledge when it comes to mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering relates to the elaboration of the basic design of lock gates, bridge flooring and movements.

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