Building materials

Chain management

Raw materials and commodities are growing increasingly scarce. We continuously look for alternatives or other ways of dealing with this scarcity. This is possible by implementing the ideology of the circular economy in the organisation and adopting a different method of working. Chain management is also becoming increasingly important in order to realise sustainable alternatives together.

Sustainable building materials

That is why secondary building materials are gaining popularity. It concerns recycled waste that becomes suitable for reuse in road construction and other markets after it has been sorted, broken, sieved and/or washed. Mourik for instance has a soil bank, where soil is collected, ready to be reused at other locations. By using secondary building materials, such as decontaminated soil, we reduce the use of primary building materials. This is how Mourik contributes to a sustainable society.

Mining and soil preparation

Still, demand for primary building materials is not waning. Our subsidiary, Hendrik Bedrijven Brunssum, operates in the fields of mining and raw material preparation. Among other things, this includes the breaking, sieving and mixing of raw materials. From Brunssum, we supply various raw materials such as clay, sand, gravel, slate and rubble. Major clients are businesses in the ceramics industry, concrete product industry and infrastructure.

Products and services


  • Baking yellow in various colour mixtures for the ceramics industry
  • For brook courses, ponds or repairs to watercourses


  • Masonry sand
  • Drainage sand
  • Bedding sand
  • Floor sand
  • Sand for sports fields (M3C, M3D, M3E)
  • Paddock sand
  • Sand fill, sieved and unsieved

Rubble (stacking bricks)

  • In various sizes up to 1,500 k


Minestone (broken or sieved)

Furthermore, Hendrik Bedrijven Brunssum offers the possibility to supply soil, along with an analysis report in the categories background values, residential and industry.

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