Mourik Environmental Services

Mourik Environmental Services

Mourik Environmental Services deliver industrial solutions for water, soil and emissions issues so that our customers can focus 100% on their core business. Our expertise helps customers achieve their goals with respect to sustainable water use, waste reduction and emissions targets in a cost-effective manner. Furthermore, by delivering effective maintenance programmes we keep plants and installations running, and are able to supply temporary purification components for a variety of applications.

What we do

We develop new environmental remediation techniques and improve existing methods in-house, using our expertise to deliver solutions for remediating water, soil and air pollution. We offer a full service in the field, including installation, modifications and periodic maintenance.

Analytical and decisive

Mourik has the knowledge and experience to determine the best solution. In our in-house Environmental Laboratory, we perform the testing and analysis to provide robust, reliable methods. In addition, we can act quickly, deploying working processes using our temporary installations. This capability allows our process engineers to conduct a thorough problem analysis, determining a permanent solution. The combination of process knowledge and experience together with our practical expertise in realisation and maintenance guarantees safety, quality and cost efficiency for our customers.

Mourik Environmental Services

The following services are offered:

  • Environmental Rental Services
  • Environmental Solutions
  • Environmental Maintenance & Operation

Environmental Rental Services supplies temporary plant and installations for use during (tank) degassing operations, maintenance periods, temporary replacement of an asset, waste and water-reduction during industrial cleaning, or supplementary purification capacity. These services can be provided within a short time-period (also in the case of emergency responses), with our equipment provided alongside our knowledge and Environmental Laboratory.

Environmental Solutions deliver permanent environmental solutions, such as the installation of complete waste and process water purification systems or groundwater management systems. These turn-key projects are delivered with a multi-disciplinary collaboration of Mourik companies, increasing engineering and project management efficiency by one party delivering works with a single point-of-contact.

Environmental Maintenance & Operation specialises in the maintenance and operation of environmental installations. Customers rely on our experienced maintenance and process specialists who carry out (real-time) process monitoring and control. This can be implemented on various contractual arrangements, including a 24-hour breakdown response service or annual performance improvement proposals, future-proofing installations for customers.

One Mourik

Because you have a single point-of-contact with Mourik, you can focus 100% on your production process while we provide piece of mind on your licence to operate. You have confidence that water is used sustainably, and/or that your emissions targets are met. Would you like to know more about our capabilities, or understand how we can help you achieve your environmental goals in the most optimal manner? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Photo top left: Minimising the waster released during cleaning with the help of sludge thickening in geotubes
  • Photo top right: The Environmental Laboratory carry out analysis, research, experimental and pilot projects
  • Photo bottom left: By using scrubbers, Mourik reduces odour issues at storage and trans-shipment companies to a minimum
  • Photo bottom right: Mourik deliver full-scale industrial treatment plants,
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