Tubular Catalyst Change System

Tubular Catalyst Change System

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Charging and discharging reactors is a critical job that demands the highest levels of safety and efficiency. Mourik is one of the few companies in the world that have mastered this task. For vertical arranged tubular reactors we offer our Tubular Catalyst Change System, an integrated solution to make your catalyst change-out more efficient, safe and predictable. And to enable you to deliver superior products, using efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes. 

Measurable and predictable performance increases

At Mourik Industry we work with an experienced team and the best equipment to deliver maximum equipment reliability and process uptime. Our insights and optimizations make for measurable and predictable performance increases of your process. The result? A maintenance strategy that helps you reduce your total cost of ownership.

An integrated package of services for your catalyst change-out

Mourik’s Tubular Catalyst Change System delivers an efficient and effectively geared change-out for all stages of the process. From unloading and cleaning to reloading and performing final checks. By aligning and integrating all activities into one total solution, we make your change-out more efficient and more predictable in term of maintenance costs and timings.

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