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Vogel Cathodic Protection supplies a broad package of services that have been devised and developed by the company based on its practical experiences. Through the years, the company has tested and improved every technique that it uses, so it now has a service package with no weaknesses. Vogel Cathodic Protection can come up with the ideal solution for every conceivable maintenance problem.


  • Cathodic protection 
  • Concrete repairs
  • Floor restoration & insulation
  • Blasting and cleaning (HDW)
  • Technical surveys

Cathodic protection

The after-effects of the huge construction boom in the 1960s and 1970s have cast a long shadow over society. Due to the calcium chloride that was almost universally used at the time as a setting accelerator, the concrete in many buildings is now seriously damaged, and this can greatly reduce the durability of the reinforced concrete structure. Serious reinforcement corrosion can sometimes be caused not just by mistakes in the design, materials or implementation, but also by the surrounding environment and the tons of salt scattered on icy roads over the years. If the problems are recognised in time, the life span of concrete structures can still often be greatly extended using relatively simple methods. 

Chloride damage

Chloride damage to concrete structures is caused by corrosion of the reinforcement steel. Given that chloride functions as a catalyst in this process, it must be removed from the concrete, in principle. This requires a huge amount of demolition work, often at locations that exhibit no visual damage. As an alternative to this rigorous demolition work, the reinforcement steel in the concrete affected by the chloride can now be protected by artificially subjecting it to a negative potential. This means that no (new) corrosion of the steel can occur, thus preventing further damage to the concrete. Cathodic protection is therefore an excellent alternative in cases of chloride damage, because chloride pollution is no longer a problem and the repairs last for a long time. 

The principle

When corrosion occurs, the reinforcement steel in the concrete acts alternately as a cathode and an anode, while the steel at the anode location is converted into iron oxide (rust). The principle of a cathodic protection system is based on regulating this process by installing a long-lasting external electrode. The electrode functions as the new anode in the system and forces all the reinforcement steel to display the (protected) cathodic function, thus putting a stop to the corrosion. During this process, electrons and ions are continually exchanged between the reinforcement steel and the fitted anode. By measuring and monitoring the process, it can be demonstrated that the system is working properly and the cathodic protection system can be continuously monitored and adjusted, where necessary. This can even be done remotely using an internet link (connected to the GPRS/UMTS network).


The work is carried out in accordance with a number of quality and implementation guidelines, certificates and verification marks, so that long-term guarantees can be issued for repairs made with cathodic protection of the reinforcement steel. A guarantee of up to 10 years is possible and, if so desired, the guarantee can even be insured. Over the years, Vogel Cathodic Protection has implemented a huge number of successful high-profile projects at prominent locations. If you wish, you can visit those locations and see the many advantages of cathodic protection for yourself.