Groenendaallaan 399
B-2030 Antwerpen

With a concept proven in the Netherlands, Vogel Belgium n.v. has the solution for the many concrete structures in Belgium that are affected by concrete decay. Whether it's bridges, factory buildings, tunnels or other concrete infrastructure... With cathodic protection, Vogel Belgium s.a. gives these structures a second life and avoids demolition.

The expertise with which Vogel Belgium fights concrete rot has been successfully applied at Vogel B.V. in the Netherlands for quite some time. So much so that many Belgian clients contacted the Dutch to apply the successful method to their southern neighbors as well. In the recent past Vogel B.V. realized prestige projects such as the Boerentoren in Antwerp, the Leopold II tunnel in Brussels and the Pont bridge in Drongen.

To meet this increasing demand even faster and more directly, the Dutch Vogel B.V. together with  Mourik Belgium, both part of Joh. Mourik & C° Holding B.V., founded the new Belgian company specializing in cathodic protection.


What was founded in 1897 as a plastering company has grown into a leading total maintenance company: Vogel in Zwijndrecht. With renovation and repair of concrete, we have built a trusted and expert reputation. Vogel B.V. has achieved a market leading position by always closely following the latest inventions and applying them correctly.



Quality and innovation ability; our craftsmen stand for their work.  We work with modern means to produce an end product that is high quality and . In our own laboratory and workshop we have worked on the innovative solutions that have made Vogel great. In our philosophy, innovation is not a goal in itself; it is the improvement that counts.

We experience this in the research and application of preventive systems, such as cathodic protection. But also specialist disciplines, which we have now mastered alongside many others. Level of development, up-to-date professional knowledge and specific experience are important characteristics.



Since 1988 we have been working with an Internal Quality Control System (IKB) according to the assessment guidelines for concrete repair companies. The certifying body regularly checks this. Both on the procedures regarding the organization, equipment and materials, and on the professionalism of the staff. 



We are a total contractor and have everything under one roof, such as:

An impressive customer list we have built up over the years is the best proof of this. For complete concrete renovation projects, you have a single point of contact.



Our knowledge and experience reach across borders. As a renovation and maintenance contractor, we supervise and realize the most diverse projects. Ranging in size from small balconies to large infrastructure structures, parking garages, factories and residential and office buildings. With a complete range of services.

Joh. Mourik & Co. Holding is the gathering point for all disciplines within the group. Although all activities are housed in different companies, our focus is precisely on bringing together all the knowledge and experience we have so that we can offer our clients a total concept. The emphasis here is on mutual trust and cooperation. Our policy is not to be the biggest, but to be the best.